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8 Ways RocketRamp AI Can Accelerates Sale Enablement Programs.

RocketRamp AI is a full service sales enalement platform that provides enterprise-grade enablement to Enablement Teams of any size. Leaders and indivividual contributors benefit from RocketRamp by understanding the bottomline revenue impact their program is delivering to sales teams.

RocketRamp provides technical solutions as well as human capital to ensure enablement teams are able to transform their efforts from reactive to proactive, delivering just in time instant enablement across revenue generating functions. 


1. Transforms Enablement Programs into a Profit Center

Historically it has been difficult for Enablement Programs to showcase their impact on bottom line revenue. RocketRamp has made it our mission to provide analytics backed proof of enablement efforts through comprehensive action analysis.  

When enablement pros utilize the Nexus platform, they are able to easily understand the tangible value of enablement effots on everyday rep actions that effect KPI's and programmatic revenue goals.

Where most solutions measure content usage and static test scores, RocketRamp measures real time rep actions so you can tailor content to an individual reps needed areas of improvement.

2. Deliver Just in Time Content to address Individual Enablement Needs

Sales rep learning needs are not created equally and RocketRamp addresses this through its hyper personalized content delivery system. The Nexus Platform works in concert with how a rep is performing in the field, capturing teachable insights and distributing micro learnings on the spot so reps can learn from every teachable moment.

Today's solutions address these need by providing actionable insights but lack the ability to help a sales rep adjust on the fly. Additionally, the platform keeps Sales Managers in mind by creating personalized coaching plans for each rep so leaders can spend their time coaching to performance instead of sifting through mountains of call and email data to identify teachable moments.



3. Identify Areas of Improvement across Revenue Cycles.

Extensive research has shown that identifying areas of improvement in sales cycles is lagging and adjustments often happen months after these areas have been identified. Enablement pros are tasked with making critical adjustments, adding to endless requests from revenue leaders.

RocketRamp solves for lagging sales cycle adjustments by tracking each action that affects individual KPIs and programmatic goals. The Nexus Process Miner identifies and tracks insights in real time and takes enablement efforts one step further by providing just in time feedback and micro learnings.

4. Provides a Single Pain of Glass for Revenue Leaders

Learning performance and KPI attainment are rarely compared at the individual rep level. The lack of side by side reporting creates silos and friction between enablement pros and sales leadership ensuring that skills adjustments comes way to late for the individual seller. Defining programmatic enablement needs often comes after quarterly goals are missed and adjustments must be made, stretching well into the next revenue generating time frame. Quick identification and adjustment can solve this problem so less opportunities are missed.

RocketRamp provides real time side by side learning performance and KPI attainment reporting, so enablement pros can quickly identify problem areas and adjust resources to address issues before its to late. When Nexus Data Hub is utilized, users can draw from CRM, Sales Engaement Platforms, LMS and other data sources to get a clear picture of sales rep needs.


5. Securely extend your companies knowledge base across individual Revenue roles.

Generative AI has ushered in a new era of automatic content creation, however Gen AI tools often miss the mark when it comes to producing actionable content based on a companies domain information and knowledge base.

Additionally, the use of Gen AI tools presents a security risk as prompts and content production are subject to reverse engineering as well as the ability for malicous actors to create custom exploits tailored to specific vulnerabilities and targets, making them more effective and difficult to defend against.

RocketRamp AI provides security measures at each point of content creation within its workflows so users can utilize company knowledge bases repsonsibly and reduce cyber threats. Company knowledge bases can be extended to individual employees with less risk.



6. Align Cross-Functional Teams 

It is notoriously difficult to align Cross-Functional teams when deploying an enablement program. This is true because by the time one team has received enablement for their particular function and the enablement team has moved on to the next team, their are already additional enablement needs from the first team. 

RocketRamp has gone to great lengths to ensure multiiple teams are enabled for their individual needs all at the same time, dramatically reducing hours of customized enablement and misalignment.

When enablement teams utilize RocketRamp's learning management system or connect a current LMS to the Nexus platform, pros can rest easy knowing they are enabling participants all at once.

7. Drive Revenue Generating Actions from Actionable Insights

Plenty of solutions claim to have the ability to clone a teams best rep. This is a tactic that often falls short as individuals need personalized enablement with their strengths and short comings in mind to advance their skills.

RocketRamp hyper personalizes learning strategies for each rep by clearly identifying a learners base line performance and needs. This allows the platform to create, track and enable reps with meaningful content that they use in the field.

8. Augment Small & Understaffed Enablement Teams

Enablement budgets are subject to cuts but that doesn't mean the same work doesn't need to get done. 

RocketRamp's professsional services team acts as an extension of your efforts and lets organizations continue building enablement programs seemlessly. RRAI provides Project Managers, Content Creators, Data Scientists and more to ensure the enablement function delivers value to revenue teams.

RocketRamp AI Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Hughes is the Founder and CEO of RocketRamp AI. Daniel draws from his industry experience of building and leading teams to deliver impactful enablement solutions to RocketRamp customers.

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Mycaah Cannon is RocketRamp's Chief Strategy Officer and passes her wealth of knowledge from her former role as Head of Global Enablement at SAP to our customers.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Ken Archer is a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer with a 22 year career in leading teams. Ken was a leader at Big 4 consulting firms including Deloitte. His wealth of knowledge in the enablement space is invaluable in helping our community understand RRAI's capabilities.

Chief Learning Officer

Chief Learning Officer

Kyle Snavely is an Instructional Designer with over 23 years of experience in building out L&D programs in software, manufacturing, and many other industries. Kyle brings his background of traditional instructional design to RocketRamp's customers, ensuring learners are equipped with the most effect methodologies in employee education.

Rocket Ramp AI - Our Mission

RocketRamp AI was founded by a collective of sales and enablement leaders who saw the direct line between sales knowledge and revenue generation.

Our team members have built sales, marketing, AI, and technology programs and processes at leading technology companies - including Salesforce, ADP, AppOmni, Deloitte, Oracle, SAP, and ZoomInfo, amongst others.

We deliver for our customers the next generation of sales effectiveness, at the intersection of AI, data science, and enablement specialization.

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